Astra Concerts offer adventures in new and unusual music from many times and places, with a host of first performances in the 2016 season. 

Voices – collective, solo, improvising – interact and combine with instruments and their extensions into theatre and electro-acoustics.

New works written for the Astra Choir from Australia and Italy are a special feature of the season, joined by premiere performances of Romanian composers, and rarely heard music from France, Russia and the 20th century tradition.

Astra’s on-going recordings of Morton Feldman and contemporaries for New World Records in New York adds another thread of American music running through the concerts.

The Astra Choir is joined by distinguished contemporary instrumentalists, including the pianist Michael Kieran Harvey, for whom a large new two-fold composition with choir and electronics is being created. A number of new works continue the special work of the Astra Improvising Choir.