John McCaughey: Musical Director

Astra + Inland + L'Arsenale

Residency II - Agon: The contest!

new solo, duo and ensemble works from Venice and Melbourne from
ENSEMBLE L’ARSENALE: Livia Rado (soprano), Ilario Morciano (saxophone), Igor Zorbin (accordion), Lorenzo Tomio (electric guitar), Roberto Durante (keyboards), Filippo Perocco (conductor and organ)
INLAND: performer-composers from the Australian diaspora, including Jon Heilbron (contrabass, Berlin) and James Rushford (keyboards and electronics, USA)
ASTRA: Kim Bastin and Joy Lee (pianos), voices and instruments

Astra joins forces with Melbourne’s contemporary concert group INLAND (artistic directors Rohan Drape and Alexander Garsden) to host the Venice based group L’ARSENALE (artistic director Filippo Perocco), whose associated composers and performers have collaborated with Astra over many years, including Astra Choir concerts in Treviso and Venice
in 2014.

Stravinsky’s late balletic work Agon (1957) for two pianos provides a context and metaphor for the event: a choreography, a contest, a display of contrasting musics from the  performers and composers of the three groups.

Sunday 15 September, 5:00 pm

Church of All Nations
180 Palmerston St

For tickets call Astra on (03) 9326 5424, or

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Sound in Space: Astra and Architecture

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